one last message home, before the lights go out

Spoiler Warning for “If Found…” and “Paradise Killer.”

No one can survive without help in a vacuum. An astronaut, out there in the dark, needs so many things just to exist there. They need a suit made of countless machines just to keep them alive, a radio to speak with the others out in the dark with them, and a tether to bring them back home. But whose are the hands that make these machines that allow us to live in this world? Who sends us out here in the first place? …

This is going to contain full spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3 and its recent Re:Mind expansion. If you’re still planning on playing the DLC (it is very good), give that a shot before reading on.

“None of this…makes sense to me.”

Picture the scene.

It’s a city at night. Sora, the hero of Kingdom Hearts, has encountered a Mysterious Figure around whom the portentous winds of destiny swirl like a maelstrom. The Mysterious Figure looks similar to Sora, almost eerily so, but they are distinguished by a unique aspect of their appearance. They speak of unseen adventures that happened before we arrived, and wield weapons that…


I’m not ok, and that’s ok. Video games! (She/They)

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